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Reasons regular servicing cars, perhaps the question, as to what should be a service if the condition of the car is good – right? Moreover, there is now a vehicle inspection app. It would hurt us spend some money to take care of the car, if after the car was in good condition, let alone the car is still new condition. Possible points – points the following bit of your question and my answer.

The case for routine car servicing

1. Keeping the car’s performance

In use, the conditions and car parts will be deteriorated. Brake pad, brake, oil or other parts of the car will decrease performance. When a routine service then part of the section to be checked or replaced if necessary. Inspection or replacement will make the car’s performance is maintained. Canvass that are too worn to be replaced. Oil that has been lacking will be supplemented or replaced if necessary. Bolts or rubbers is too loose to be adjusted again, a dirty filter or strainer be cleaned, etc. All of these actions will of course make the car perform condition and stay awake.

2. Giving a sense of security when driving

The car is serviced regularly will make us safer and quieter when driving. No feeling was was, for example brake failure or oil will leak while driving. If the service is done properly then all the parts will be checked one by one.

3. Reduce the cost is more expensive in the future

The car is in regular servicing will help us reduce costs that arise in the future. When inspected the car and when it is found it or sections to be repaired, then by knowing ahead of time will allow us to take into account servicing expenses. Not to mention if part of the problem turned out to have an impact on the other part, the improvements will reduce costs since the start of bigger that might arise in the future.

4. avoid car broke down suddenly

The car is serviced regularly will avoid the situation that all motorists do not want, namely breaking down suddenly. When the car in a routine check, the car parts that usually make up the car’s ability not to be known. As battery that should probably be in charge, who may already be drained of oil, brake, etc.

5. Extend the life of the vehicle

Car damaged large impact on the age of the vehicle decreases. With served regularly then great damage can usually be avoided. Automatically it will make cars last even longer.

6. To support the claim

Dealer when warranty car, the owner and the vehicle is usually required to qualify – certain conditions. One of them is to be a routine car servicing. With a routine service, in addition to keeping the car so that conditions remain good as well as a requirement for insurance claims if necessary.

The conclusion is, it would not hurt if the car servicing done routinely. Although we will spend some money to replace the parts that must be replaced and pay the service fees, but it will keep the car in prime condition and avoid greater costs in the future. For a more reliable service is better done at authorized workshops of your car. But now you can just download vehicle inspection app in application store from your mobile phone.