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Examples of Successful Events-Internet Services Offered By TSI In 2017

It is always important that a company has good testimonials from the clients so that more people can trust the services offered by such a company. This is no different when it comes to the services offered by Trade Show Internet Company. The companies getting Wi-Fi for an event via have increased with time. The Food Fanatics Live is an event that was hosted by the US Foods company. Trade Show Internet provided high-density Wi-Fi services to the attendees. The event brought food services professionals together with the premier chefs and consultants and culinary experts for the food event.

There were 200 attendees from Indianapolis who attended this event. 200 exhibitors turned up and you can imagine the bandwidth requirement for all these people. Trade Show Internet was up to the task! The company provided the internet network to help the attendees download the QR codes and there was dedicated VLANs. Wired Ethernet drops were also availed for all the registration kiosks and service desks.

Another event in which TSI provided internet bandwidth for conferences was the Tommy Hilfiger event in the Venice Beach.  This was a fashion show hosted by the company and TSI was at hand to provide all the bandwidth needs for the attendees.