Healthy Eating Tips Outdoors

Many people think rather than having to shop to the market or supermarkets, have to bother weeding vegetables and other cooking materials, then cook yourself in the kitchen, mending choose to eat outdoors. No need to bother, sit down to eat, no need to clear the table and wash dishes as well. Though the concept of healthy eating is not just satiety or also the origin of eating. Soy and eating originate tend to be the wrong diet of most people today. Indeed not enough just satiety, if the consumed does not have the complete nutritional content the body needs. Worse than that, if what we eat contains unhealthy ingredients.

Quality Food Outdoors

Weakness of food outdoors is not just one. Whether its junk food, fast food, or tiger diet, almost all is not a healthy menu for a few things. First, the food itself is not necessarily fresh. Vegetables are stored long in the refrigerator. So does meat, fish, and other ingredients. Means since still raw materials, is not fresh anymore. Not fresh means losing some of its nutritional content, including vitamins and minerals.

Although we know that all raw materials for cooking have lower quality due to topsoil condition we now have lost nutrients for cultivated plants, vegetables and fruits. That means the completeness of the natural nutritional content of spinach, carrots, mustard greens, or whatever kind of vegetables and fruits today is not as old-fashioned.

In addition to the two things above, the next problem lies in how to cook it that adds ugly quality menu outside the home. Why? Look at how to cultivate it with excess oil, overheating oil, excess spices, most salt, even add additive substances that are not necessarily safe for health. So if calculated, almost all the elements in most of the menu outside the home is almost less healthy.

That all causes why metabolic diseases, such as excess fat in the blood, diabetes, coronary heart, and stroke are often exacerbated by such an outdoors diet. Do not forget also why more and more cancer cases nowadays, more about choosing the menu outside the home.

How to Choose Healthy Foods

Of the many weaknesses outside the home menu, if no choice, forced to choose the menu outside the home as well. Therefore some things need to be considered. Among them make sure the food is still fresh, processed simple, do not use excessive spices, and without additives.

Choose a menu that is more and more natural ingredients, rather than processed ingredients, such as more vegetables, fish, beans, mushrooms, tubers, and not sausages or meatballs. If there are salads, sour vegetables, rendang, do not choose spaghetti, pizza, or burgers.

If there is a little use of cooking oil, do not choose fried chicken, fries, or all types of fried foods. If there is whole wheat bread, do not select a donuts. If there is a boiled sweet potato as a snack, do not choose sponge cake. If there is brown sugar (Java sugar) and honey, do not select sugar. So also if wheat bread is available why choose white bread (sandwich).

Menu outdoors tend to be tastier. Tend to be sweeter, salty, and savory, also a lot of flavoring. So the type of menu that wasteful of sugar, salt, and fat as much as possible should be shunned. It needs to be straightened out that it is not meat that makes a person’s blood high, but rather his excessive salt intake.

So when forced to eat outdoors, in addition to choosing a menu as mentioned above, specifically ask to reduce the salt, no seasoning flavor, and use oil is not excessive.

Bright red crackers that we often encounter using textile dyes (rhodamine B) that should not be consumed by humans then do not be selected. Also red cassava tomato sauce, yellow syrup (methylene yellow), crispy meatballs, tofu formalin, or noodles with borax. These include unhygienic ones. And if the presentation is unhygienic, choose the heated instead of the crank.

Unfortunately not all of us can sniff and find out whether the food and the menu we consume outside the home contain foodstuffs harmful to health. Again, choose which raw material comes from nature, not the ones already processed.

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