List of Foods and Drinks Causes and Removal of Mouth Odor

Have a problem with bad breath when you diligently brushing your teeth? Means your bad breath could appear because of food or drink you consume. Certain foods and drinks can “contaminate” your breath for a few hours, so your mouth smells unpleasant and disturbs others. But, there are also some foods that could be a solution to eliminate bad breath.

Food and beverages are usually the cause of bad breath

There are some foods and drinks that cause bad breath, namely:

1. Garlic and onions

Lisa Harper Mallonee, MPH, RD, professor at Texas A & M Health Science Center of Baylor College of Dentistry, said the two ingredients are the top list of causes of bad breath or halitosis.

“This is because the sulfur compounds in both onions are still left in your mouth and absorbed into the bloodstream, then released when you exhale,” says Lisa.

2. Coffee and alcohol

When you drink coffee and alcohol, you will create a good environment for bacterial growth in the mouth. Coffee and alcohol can also dry the mouth by reducing the flow of saliva and make the bacteria that cause the odor stay longer.

Food and drink that can eliminate bad breath

To eliminate bad breath, you should not only reduce or avoid foods and drinks that cause your mouth to smell.

There are some foods and drinks you can consume to eliminate and prevent the smell in your mouth. Anything?

1. Cheese and yogurt

Julie Linzel, dental hygienist in Charlottetown, Canada told you can eat a piece of cheese after a meal to neutralize some sour food that can be left in your teeth and make your mouth smell.

Linzel added, unsweetened yogurt can also help. A small study in Japan found that people whose mouth smell can be reduced to smell after eating yogurt twice a day. This is because yogurt reduces the levels of hydrogen sulfide, a compound that can cause bad breath.

2. White water

A spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Amy Jamieson-Petonic, told Huffingtonpost that regular hydration can make your breathing better. This is because the water moistens the mouth and throat, and cleanses the bacteria that cause bad breath and food scraps.

Drinking water can increase saliva production, which works constantly as a cleansing agent and removes odorants in foods and beverages.

3. Sugar-free gum

Snacks that can increase the flow of saliva in your mouth, such as sugar-free gum, will reduce the smell in your mouth. Linzel said, the mint can mask the odor in the mouth. Another with cinnamon, he can stop the smell in the source of the smell.

4. Foods rich in vitamin C

Eating foods rich in vitamin C, such as red bell peppers and broccoli, is one way of losing bad breath. Vitamin C makes the environment so uncomfortable for bacteria that cause bad breath. When eaten raw, they are more potent against bacteria that make your mouth smell. Because it is more crunchy and can cause abrasion, the food can remove the remains of food that is still attached or hide in the teeth.

5. Apple

Crispy fruit like apples, which are also rich in fiber are a practical way of removing bad breath. Chewing apples can make the mouth produce more saliva. Apples can help reduce plaque and waste of food in the teeth, which is usually a source of bacteria that causes your mouth to smell.

6. Green tea

Flavonoids are good antioxidants for you. It is found in vegetables and green tea. Amy says, green tea is very useful to remove the odor-causing sulfur compounds, and bacteria in your mouth, making it effective to remove bad breath.

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