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Stages and How to Apply KPR, Complete to the signature of Credit Agreement

Home Mortgage (KPR) seems to be a solution for those who want to have a dream home. Understandably, not many people can afford to buy a house in cash given the rising price continues. Indeed, in buying a house even though through Perumnas Home Mortgage, still have to prepare more funds to pay a fee to buy a house.

What are the costs?

  • The cost of the signThe cost of this sign is valid for used houses and new homes. Usually if the former house we pay to the matchmaker (intermediary). While the new home, the cost of this sign is requested by the developer as a sign of ordering the unit of the house.
  • Down paymentDown payment must be prepared from the beginning. When it has reached the credit agreement with the bank, then pay off the deposit by signing the Letter of Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPJB) in front of the notary. This SPJB is a proof of settlement of the advance when the credit agreement.
  • Notary fees to bind credit and land certificatesThis cost includes behind the name of the land certificate and other documents relating to the house. This cost becomes the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Provision fees, insuranceThis charge is cited by the bank if the mortgage is approved. The amount depends on each bank. Only on average about 1% of the value of the loan. In addition, also prepare life insurance funds and fire insurance.

    That’s just the costs that must be known from the beginning when intending to buy a house. Once ready with the various costs that arise, the next is to know the process of filing a mortgage to the bank.

What to know:

  • Learn about mortgage submission requirements so it’s easy to complete documents.
  • There will be an appraisal process (assessment) of the house to be purchased.
  • Banking rate calculations (interest rates, credit agreement fees, insurance, etc.)
  • Credit agreement

Say you’ve got the house you’ve been after and have already given you a check mark. Then what’s next step?

Complete the required documents

Make sure all documents are prepared before applying to the bank.

Private document:

  • ID card and family card
  • NPWP
  • Marriage book
  • Salary slip
  • Certificate of employment (for employees)
  • Newspaper savings account last 3 months.

House documents to be purchased

  • Copy of land certificate
  • Copy of building permit (IMB)
  • A copy of a letter of signature from the developer / seller of the house that agreed to sell the house.

After all the documents submission complete mortgage, then take it to the bank. The Bank will check all the completeness of the document administratively.