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Tourist Attractions in Singapore Unique

Hearing the words of Singapore, then that comes to mind everyone is Singapore’s icon in the form of lions and dugongs. However, you know that a small country with a very strong economy has a very attractive tourist places to visit. In fact, thanks to tourism, Singapore earn foreign exchange is very high. Well, for those of you who want to vacation in Singapore, you need to plan what must be the place to put your travel list when in Singapore. The following list of tours in Singapore that you can visit. Before you decide to take a stroll to Singapore, it helps you search hotel in Singapore and order it in advance, so that you are quiet on the way, and do not worry about running out of the hotel.
Merlion Park
Do you know the name of the statue is an icon of Singapore? The statue that has a lion’s head and dugongs badang named Merlion. This name is a combination of the Mermaid and the lion. Mermaid means dugongs, while the lion meaning lion. This icon is very crowded with tourists because it is an icon of Singapore. You can not be said to have a vacation in Singapore if it has not been photographed in this Merlion statue. It could be said pictures taken with the background of the Merlion statue is proof that you’ve been to Singapore. Interestingly, the Merlion statue was able at any time to visit, it is open for 24 hours. In addition, you also do not need to pay to be able to see the Merlion statue.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa island is one of the sights that the location of her apart from the state Singapore itself, tranquil island was design with a structure that is quite unique in addition to the design as a tourist, tranquil island will also have a few attractions which is quite interesting that we can visit, on this island there are several casinos and other entertainment of its pretty good.

Haw Par Villa

Besides Sentosa island when you visit Singapore and also be able to visit Haw Par Villa, when you hear his name you may be very familiar with the name because it is this place on its basis was not big enough. haw par villa is one of the Chinese cultural sights in Singapore country, which makes this place unique is the 150 dioramas that will tell the story of the Chinese people and also another interesting story of his.

Gardens by the Bay

one other tourist attractions that you must visit when you come to Singapore namely Garden By the Bay, its name, this place is one of a garden adorned by many ornamental trees, and the layout of the park on this one is the marina bay. This park is unique because there are artificial trees are pretty high as 16 buildings, how tall enough not.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore flyer is the largest Ferris Wheel in the world you must visit here when you visit Singapore.