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How to cope with menstruation is not smooth

For women, menstruation is a routine time once a month. Menstruation itself is a condition in which a woman’s body develops. Dirty blood in the womb will be discarded during menstruation occurs. Pain, menstrual period is 2 to 7 days. According to experts, the normal menstrual cycle is 28-35 days. But, it seems normal menstruation does not necessarily perceive every woman. There are some women who have an irregular menstrual cycle and are menstruating within 2 or 3 months. Menstruation that cannot be validated by many things.

Non-Current Menstrual Cause

There are many things that make menstruation is not smooth. It starts from the mind that stress, depression, unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle, pain, illness. Unbalanced hormones are also believed to be the reason why menstruation is not smooth. Because each woman’s hormones are not the same, menstrual periods of women with each other are not the same. No smooth menstruation due to pregnancy. However, this is a very unnecessary thing to worry about.

What Is The Impact Of Irregular Menstruation?

One of the causes of menstruation is there is no disease in the body. This is also the impact of not smooth the menstruation. Some experts who are experiencing menstruation that cannot just happen because of a tumor or cyst in the womb. If the tumor or cyst is not treated immediately, it is feared this could interfere with fertility.

Menstruation is not smooth also will arise acne on the face or back. Unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits such as smoking, drinking and using illicit drugs are also often the cause of non-menstrual smoothness. If this continues to happen, it is believed to increase the risk of uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and other diseases.

How To Tips Menstruating

For a smooth menstrual cycle, it is important to apply a healthy lifestyle. It is also important that you have enough rest, avoid smoking, alcohol and various foods and drinks that interfere with the arrival of menstruation. Some foods are believed to help you get menstruation as long as you want to eat them regularly. These foods include carrots, papaya leaves, turmeric, green coconut water, ginger, enough water and various green vegetables.

Hopefully, this information is useful and all women can feel a smooth menstrual period.


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The Dangers Of Drinking Hot Water Is Excessive

Water is a healthy organ-drink that is rich in benefits for the body. Instead, a person consumes about 8 glasses of water per day. Can air white or warm water. It’s just that women, although the water is very healthy, the potion likes water should not be excessive. Excessive water consumption can be very diverse. Moreover, when water is consumed in hot or warm temperatures. What are the side effects? Check out the following.

Injures The Mouth And Tongue

The air is still too hot and drinkable, this can injure the tongue, mouth or lips. Not often, In order for warm air to remain healthy and not hurt, hold the air in order to really warm the cold before drinking.

Risk Making Blood Vessels Broken

Excessive warm water consumption of more than 8 glasses per day, this will interfere with the circulatory system in the body. Excess fluid in the body can increase the risk of rupture of blood vessels.

Triggering The Pain

Not only mouth, tongue and lips are injured, the tongue will be numb when we drink the hot air. In the beginning, this will feel normal and taste senses can return to normal in some time to come. But, if the habit of drinking hot water is very often done, it is possible for the tongue to overcome permanent numbness.

Destructive Email Cloth

Hot water is very can. If the enamel layer is damaged, this can make the tooth more vulnerable to perforated, porous and brittle.


The stomach can be bloated, nauseous and uncomfortable when we drink hot water. The temperature of the air is too high and into the gastrointestinal tract, this can increase stomach acid to make the stomach bloated.

Woman, there is some danger from hot water consumption. I hope this information is helpful. Good Luck


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Freed Joint Pain for Avoiding These 5 Foods

Painful joints can occur due to several things such as fractures, tiredness, and lifting. If you get joint pain, get overcome with exercise, drugs, and diet. But do you know if joint pain can be replaced by reducing the consumption of certain foods. Well, here is the food you should avoid to be free from joint pain. Let’s see the explanation below.

Processed Red Meat

As we heard, red meat processed has many contents that are harmful to health. These harmful chemical compounds include nitrite and purine, which can increase inflammation and pain in the body.

Artificial Sugar

Eating high sugar is harmful to your health. Therefore, avoid consuming excess sugar, high amounts of sugar also increase the level of sugar in the body that causes inflammation. In addition, sugar likes the release of inflammatory substances called cytokines in the body. This will aggravate the atmosphere of your joints.

Dairy Products

Dairy products can also contribute to joint pain. High levels of casein protein in dairy products are open to inflammation and pain. Avoid pasteurized milk when sick or the like from chronic pain. Instead, choose soy milk, almond milk, tofu, margarine and other non-dairy products.


Eggs, yellow in color, contain arachidonic acid that leads to the production of prostaglandins (a type of lipid autacoids) in which inflammation is in the body. In addition, the eggs also contain saturated fats, which also contribute to inflammation and pain.

Corn Oil

Corn oil is an omega-6 fatty acid that can increase the body to produce pro-inflammatory chemicals. A study published in the journal of nutrition and metabolism noted an acceptable omega-6 rise.

Ladies, such foods you should avoid to reduce the risk of joint pain. from now on be careful in choosing the type of food. Better to prevent than to cure right? Hopefully useful.Good luck


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Overcoming Whitish Problem with Betel Leaf

Whitish problems are common to all women. It’s just, whitish is quite severe and very important whitishly out for and immediately overcome or be cured. Whitish can cause the female sex organs area feel itchy, rash to smell bad. Do not you want this to happen to you? Quoted from page, whiteness will show some signs. Signs ranging from the area of the sex organs smell, the discharge of viscous fluid and color from the sex organs, miss V itching to full of pain while urinating. Whitish itself is caused by the presence of bacteria and fungi that develop in the sex organs.

So, it is very important that this whitish problem is overcome and cured immediately. How to solve the problem of whitish one of them is using the betel leaf. Nutrition and antioxidant substances in betel leaves are believed to kill bacteria and fungi that cause whitish. This nutrient is even believed to be able to zoom and tighten the area of Miss V.

Betel leaf is a natural ingredient to overcome the whiteness / copyright
How to use betel leaf to overcome leucor is very easy. boiled 3 to 3 pieces of betel leaves with 2 glasses of water. Boil with low heat until boiling and the water only 1 cup. If it is, wait cold, strain and drink air sirih. If you do not like the odd taste, you can add 2 tbsp honey or lemon juice. Drink this herb 1 time in 2 days or 1 time in 3 days.

You can also use boiled water betel leaves to form an intimate organ. Only, this can only be done 1 to 2 times a week during whiteness. Washing intimate organs with betel leaves is too often feared for free for the balance of intimate organ PH. Keep also clean clothes, panties, eating patterns and rest every thing to minimize leucorrhoea. I hope this information is helpful.…

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The Benefits Of Consuming Onion Each Day

Onion contains a variety of nutrients that are very good for the health of the body. Onions generally contain nutrients Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Folic Acid, Chromium, Quercetin, Flavonoids, Calcium, and Fiber. Nutrition contained in the o, the ion is what immediately has a myriad of definite benefits for the health of the body. Quoted from the page, consumption of red onion every day has benefits. These benefits include the following.

Treating Asthma

The first benefit of regular onion consumption every day is asthma treatment. Nutrients and antioxidants contained in the onion is very good for the health of the respiratory system. In addition to treating asthma, onions are also good for treating colds, flu, bronchitis and the like.

Treating Constipation

Onions are also useful for curing and. Consumption of one raw onion every day healthy intestines and clean bacteria as well as various viruses in it.

Treat Tuberculosis

Onion is useful as an antiseptic and anti microbial. For that, onion is very useful to overcome and overcome tuberculosis. It will be more useful if onion is consumed regularly every day with a little salt.

Increase Breast Milk Production

Make a mother who is breastfeeding and hope to have abundant milk for the baby, it is advisable to consume raw onion. Experts believe if the content of nutrients and vitamins present in the onion can increase milk production.

Anti Cancer

Onion is a simple natural anti-cancer ingredient. Nutrition contained in it not only useful as an anti-cancer just as well as detoxification and lowering high blood pressure.

 Some of the benefits of onion consumption on a daily basis. Although the aroma of the onion is quite stinging and makes uncomfortable, the nutrients contained in it is very good for health. In addition to the above benefits, other benefits of onions is to nourish the digestive system, treat and eliminate anemia and allergy relieve.