8 Things Acai Will Do For You

Thanks to Oprah the Acai berry has been introduced to America and has hit the diet market in a big way. This tiny little berry, barely 1/2 in diameter, has been studied in such places as The University of Florida, and The University of Rio. These studies produced amazing results.
The Berry has been tested and shown to have more antioxidants then most of the other “super foods” it also contains Amino Acids, also Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids. These nutrients working together makes this berry not only powerful in the weight loss circuit, but in the natural health market as well.
The Berry can:
Reduce Cancer by killing cancer cells: The University of Florida tested the berry and it was found to actually kill cancer cells inhibiting the spread of the dreaded disease.
Anti aging benefits: antioxidants regenerate and repair cells, the wrinkles, crow’s fee and laugh lines are reduced your skin is smoother.
Improves eyesight: Acai is an amazing source of Vitamin A which increases your eyesight, you will focus better, helps you see in the dark.
Increases energy levels: Acai boosts your metabolism so you not only burn fat quicker but get a boost of energy.
Weight loss: This is the most well known benefit. You lose weight twice as fast as without Acai.
Brain Health: Increases mental alertness and clarity
Improves Sexual desire: Increases stamina and performance. It is called the “rainforest Viagra”
Cleanses you system: Acai cleanses your system, promoting good digestive health.
These are only a few things that Acai is known for, can you imagine how must better you will feel including it in your diet?