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Benefits Of Breakfast For Health

Have you become a person who diligently breakfast and no previous good activity to get knowledge, work or just relax at home? It should be emphasized, breakfast is a very important and obligatory activity. Many studies that mention breakfast has a variety of positive impacts on the health of the body. Cons, the contents of breakfast make the body vulnerable to illness, unstable digestive system by increasing various kinds of deadly risky diseases. Breakfast has a myriad of health benefits. These benefits include the following.

Help Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight and run breakfast, then you are wrong. Weight will always go down slowly as long as you keep trying regular breakfast with the right portion. Breakfast will help you be for full and control your appetite at night.

Lowering Diabetes Risk

Almost 90 percent of people with type 2 diabetes develop this disease frequently. They also rarely exercise and eat their stomach full satiety full satisfied full. This habit further increases the risk of obesity or obesity to diabetes.

Breakfast Improves Body Resistance

Breakfast can increase body resistance and body energy. This activity can help you become a person who spirit, happy and calm and comfortable. Well, breakfast is a very important activity.

Improve Memory Capability

Often lack of focus, easy to forget and sleepy? Be sure never to go breakfast. In addition to improving endurance, breakfast also helps improve memory, make fresh brains and feel happy. It also lowers the condition of Alzheimer’s in old age.

Preventing Heart Risk

To date, the heart has become one of the most deadly diseases in the world. In order to avoid the risk of heart, it is recommended that you not ran breakfast. It is also recommended that you have a healthy diet, adequate rest, enough exercise and always think positive and calm.

That is the reason why it is very important and obliged to do breakfast every morning. Hopefully, this information is useful and we all learn to never exist or even neglect breakfast every morning.


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The Dangers Of Drinking Hot Water Is Excessive

Water is a healthy organ-drink that is rich in benefits for the body. Instead, a person consumes about 8 glasses of water per day. Can air white or warm water. It’s just that women, although the water is very healthy, the potion likes water should not be excessive. Excessive water consumption can be very diverse. Moreover, when water is consumed in hot or warm temperatures. What are the side effects? Check out the following.

Injures The Mouth And Tongue

The air is still too hot and drinkable, this can injure the tongue, mouth or lips. Not often, In order for warm air to remain healthy and not hurt, hold the air in order to really warm the cold before drinking.

Risk Making Blood Vessels Broken

Excessive warm water consumption of more than 8 glasses per day, this will interfere with the circulatory system in the body. Excess fluid in the body can increase the risk of rupture of blood vessels.

Triggering The Pain

Not only mouth, tongue and lips are injured, the tongue will be numb when we drink the hot air. In the beginning, this will feel normal and taste senses can return to normal in some time to come. But, if the habit of drinking hot water is very often done, it is possible for the tongue to overcome permanent numbness.

Destructive Email Cloth

Hot water is very can. If the enamel layer is damaged, this can make the tooth more vulnerable to perforated, porous and brittle.


The stomach can be bloated, nauseous and uncomfortable when we drink hot water. The temperature of the air is too high and into the gastrointestinal tract, this can increase stomach acid to make the stomach bloated.

Woman, there is some danger from hot water consumption. I hope this information is helpful. Good Luck