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Main Benefits Of Celery Juice Drink

Perhaps you’ve only been familiar with fruit juices and heard about her celery juice being such a strange drink. But it turns out celery juice is popular in the western country and became one of the health drinks and detox is undoubtedly a health benefit. Celery itself has high nutrients, contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, and sodium. Contains fatty acids a, d vitamins such as vitamin A, C, K, D, E and B complex vitamins, and contains fiber. Some of the benefits of drinking celery juice are as follows.

Lowering Cholesterol

Eating or drinking fresh celery juice can lower levels of LDL or bad cholesterol that can clog arteries. Celery improves cardiovascular health in general.

Detox Body

High content of celery antioxidants also helps detoxify or cleanse the blood vessels, secrete toxins from the body, especially the body’s organs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder.

Prevent Urinary Tract Infections In Women

Celery, especially for health, because there is no inflammation or even an infection that interfere with the urinary exhaust system.

Prevent Cancer

Celery contains flavonoids and polyacetylene which help counteract and fight carcinogenic components or cancer triggers. Celery also has a coumarin content that helps increase the activity of white blood cells as a strong immune body.

That’s some of the benefits of drinking the biggest celery juice, some other benefits such as controlling diabetes, reducing arthritic pain and lowering high blood pressure. How to make celery juice is also not difficult, just grab a handful of celery and a smooth blender with water and 1 tablespoon honey. Drink away Try to apply and see the benefits.


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Freed Joint Pain for Avoiding These 5 Foods

Painful joints can occur due to several things such as fractures, tiredness, and lifting. If you get joint pain, get overcome with exercise, drugs, and diet. But do you know if joint pain can be replaced by reducing the consumption of certain foods. Well, here is the food you should avoid to be free from joint pain. Let’s see the explanation below.

Processed Red Meat

As we heard, red meat processed has many contents that are harmful to health. These harmful chemical compounds include nitrite and purine, which can increase inflammation and pain in the body.

Artificial Sugar

Eating high sugar is harmful to your health. Therefore, avoid consuming excess sugar, high amounts of sugar also increase the level of sugar in the body that causes inflammation. In addition, sugar likes the release of inflammatory substances called cytokines in the body. This will aggravate the atmosphere of your joints.

Dairy Products

Dairy products can also contribute to joint pain. High levels of casein protein in dairy products are open to inflammation and pain. Avoid pasteurized milk when sick or the like from chronic pain. Instead, choose soy milk, almond milk, tofu, margarine and other non-dairy products.


Eggs, yellow in color, contain arachidonic acid that leads to the production of prostaglandins (a type of lipid autacoids) in which inflammation is in the body. In addition, the eggs also contain saturated fats, which also contribute to inflammation and pain.

Corn Oil

Corn oil is an omega-6 fatty acid that can increase the body to produce pro-inflammatory chemicals. A study published in the journal of nutrition and metabolism noted an acceptable omega-6 rise.

Ladies, such foods you should avoid to reduce the risk of joint pain. from now on be careful in choosing the type of food. Better to prevent than to cure right? Hopefully useful.Good luck