Health Should Not Be a Struggle

The problem with health is, no one really knows what that specifically means. When we make health number one in our lives, or put health on a pedestal, it’s actually more difficult for us to get at it. Anything that we put up high on a pedestal, we think we should have to work hard or struggle to get.
So when someone says he has an unhealthy spine or an unhealthy knee, it really doesn’t have that much meaning. The spine, the knee, anything having to do with the body is really a fitness issue. We have to get structurally fit, then everything would be fitting right and working right; and people would not be in the place where they think they are losing their health, or having a health issue.
In this modern day society, we pay other people to tell us we have a health problem. And we pay people to give us those benchmarks that we think indicate our health. Those are not reliable benchmarks— especially the blood tests. The blood test is not always the same. It depends what’s going on inside the body mind spirit at that exact moment, and things change.
So you could have a bad blood test one day and another day it would be back to normal. We cannot just depend on the blood test, especially when the blood test itself affects the person negatively and that affect will maintain that negative blood test.
When we go to doctors and health care professionals, the energy that they have or the thought that they have of always seeing something that’s related to disease, actually makes disease more easily identifiable. As the expression goes, if you have a hammer, everything will look like a nail.
Many times and many cases I’ve seen this happen. There are times when people tell me they have a problem, but I intuitively perceive that they don’t. So I just tell them to get a second opinion. But in getting the second opinion, they should not inform the doctors that they’ve been seeing another doctor who gave them a first opinion.
Mostly, what doctors offer you is really an opinion. Right? And you know how far an opinion would go. You don’t want to have your life depend on an opinion.
It’s the same as guessing, or making an assumption, or jumping to a conclusion. To base our life on opinions, well that’s kind of sad and funny at the same time. We don’t have to base our health and our lives on opinions.
When every quantum particle in our body, every atom and every one of our molecules and cells fits in with the others, we would no longer have health problems.