How Shopping For Auto Insurance Online Can Save You More Than Money – Your Time

How Shopping For Auto Insurance Online Can Save You More Than Money – Your Time

While the internet has been around for a while now, many people like yourself are only recently learning they can shop for auto insurance online. In fact, shopping online can possibly make the insurance buying process a lot faster and a lot less painful than calling around to several agents.

Just a few years ago, when you wanted to compare car insurance rates you would open up the Yellow Pages and start searching for agents close to your home. If you live in a large city this alone could take a long time since the Yellow Pages arranges companies alphabetically instead of geographically.

Now, with Google and other search engines, you can quickly type in the city and line of insurance you’re searching to compare rates for (Ex. “Tacoma Auto Insurance”). Google will then return a list of websites that rank well for your term but also a map of local businesses in your town. Obviously, this is a huge time saver from the “old fashioned” way of “letting your fingers do the walking” to finding agents.

Now, try this if you want to take it a step further and make the insurance shopping process even easier and faster. You can still perform your local search however, instead of calling or filling out forms for multiple insurance agents and companies to get price and coverage quotes, you can use one of the many online insurance quote comparison companies.

These online quote comparison companies allow you to fill out your information quickly on one easy online form. This will save you hours of time instead of calling around. Then, after you fill out the form, they send your information to up to 5 local agents near you. These agents will then take your information and return you price quotes for you to compare when you have time. This will save you hours of phone calls and mundane conversation.

So, the choice is yours. You can use Google and the other search engines to find local agents and call for quotes, saving you traditional search time, or you can use online quoting companies from the local searches that will send your information to multiple agents and save you hours of calling around. Then, when you get your quotes back you’ll hopefully be one of the many that can save hundreds of dollars every year on your auto insurance.