How to Lose Weight and Gain Energy FAST – The Seven Benefits of Rebounding

Recently I learned about rebounding. What the heck is rebounding? It’s bouncing up & down on a small trampoline Let me tell you about the benefits of rebounding and what lymphasizing means.
What I found out was that the vertical use of going up & down, the accelerating & decelerating, and gravity & bouncing is the ideal condition for cleaning our cells. It is like shaking something dirty in a jar filled with soap, or like how your washing machine works. This is what you are doing with your body when you are jumping up & down, you are acting like a big washing machine for lymphasizing your body.
Another thing is that this is a great cellular exercise, your cells are really getting a workout and building cellular structure because it is challenging the structure of each cell. Every time you bounce up & down, your cells are bouncing with you & they are hitting each other and their structure is getting stronger because you are actually working them out, just like anything else you would work like a muscle. This helps prevent degenerative diseases because the cells’ structures are stronger, and their membranes are stronger.
Jumping up & down like this will lead to an improvement in your posture because you will be tightening your core muscles while you are bouncing up & down. Otherwise you are going to be falling all over and you will have better muscle tone. You will not only be improving your cellular structure, but you will be improving your muscularity & tonality and enhance your timing.
As you bounce up & down, you will become better coordinated. When I first started bouncing, I was having a hard time staying in the center of the trampoline, and one of my son’s made a comment that “we should build you some railings around this trampoline so you can hold on to the railings so you don’t fall off.” That’s how poor my coordination was, but after being on this for 20-30 times I was able to stay in the center, started getting better coordinated, and now have no problems staying on the trampoline.
Rebounding also improves your heart muscle. It improves the tone & quality of the heart muscle because it will increase the coordination of the fibers as they “wring” blood out of the heart during each beat.
It also provides the stimulus for a free-flowing lymphatic drainage system. This is what lymphasizing is. Remember we talked about that on another video, what is your lymphatic system and how vital that system is. It is your drainage system for all your cellular waste. It helps your body get rid of toxins, cancer cells, waste, trapped proteins, bacteria, viruses, and other waste that cells cast off. You are not only energizing the cell, helping the cell structure, but you are also helping the cell release that waste, like beating the dust out of a pillow to clean it.
It also elevates my energy levels because of the increased oxygen flow throughout my body. You are also flooding the cells with oxygen, which enables the cell to use ATP to convert glucose to glycogen, and your cells need oxygen in order to have this transformation. Rebounding can actually increase your ability to convert glucose into glycogen. It may also be possible to train your body through consistent rebounding to store some of these glycogen sources that are not being used right away for later use in a sudden burst of energy.
It is recommended that you work up to 30 minutes a day. It took me a long time to get up to 10 minutes, and I just added a minute gradually, maybe 1 or 2 minutes every week. Start off with a couple of minutes and try to add 2 minutes to that every week, or 3, or whatever you can, but continue to increase the number of minutes that you rebound every morning, and you too will start to receive & feel the benefits of rebounding, the benefits of maximum cellular energy. You will have an enormous amount of energy and you will be running around like a 6-year old all day long!
This is Bob Krulish and I hope you have fun rebounding, Live with energy and I will talk to you in the next video or article.