Wheatgrass Juice – The Ultimate Alkaline Food for Optimal Health and Disease Prevention

Wheatgrass, the Powerful Superfood
It is difficult to know where to begin when considering wheatgrass (also wheat grass), one of nature’s greatest gifts and most powerful superfoods known to man. The available information is so abundant and fascinating that I was compelled into immediate action to go out and try my first ounce of juice. One particular point of interest to me is its alkaline properties which is significant in the pursuit of optimal health and disease prevention.
pH Balance and Health
Attaining optimal health and preventing diseases naturally rather than treating symptoms with medication are hot topics of the modern world. In particular, there has been a move towards balancing pH within the body for good health as our understanding of the body’s chemistry has increased. Yet in today’s lifestyles, there is a tendency to eat an overly acidic diet through high intake of refined sugars and carbohydrates, meat proteins and oily fast foods. This causes a pH imbalance in our bodies and can be attributed to the increased rates of disease in modern life. Commonly colon congestion occurs first causing problems within the bowels, then ailments such as inflammation, irritated skin, and water retention may follow. If the situation is prolonged, more serious diseases eventuate.
It is understood however, that through increasing alkaline intake and neutralizing acid production, it is possible for your body to realize optimal health. Alkalizing foods are those which increase the amount of oxygen absorbed into the bloodstream to be distributed for use by all cells within the body. Highly alkaline foods are therefore beneficial to the functioning of our brain and other body tissues which operate best in a highly-oxygenated environment. Furthermore, they can aid in healing diseased cells and preventing the development of disease. According to the Creative Health Institute, recent medical research has found that cancer goes into remission when the body is alkaline due to increased oxygen available to help repair the cancerous cells.
Chlorophyll – Oxygen Rich Energy from the Sun
Wheatgrass is the most alkaline food known to man, thus it goes without saying that it should be high up on the list of foods to include in a pH balanced diet. Research has shown that the chlorophyll in wheatgrass is the main factor influencing its healing properties. Some consider it to be liquid energy from the sun! Basic chemistry taught us that chlorophyll is the chemical that captures energy from sunlight for photosynthesis which releases excess oxygen as a byproduct.
Chlorophyll is in fact chemically composed almost identically to hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying pigment of red blood cells) except that it contains magnesium rather than iron in its nucleus. The hemoglobin’s function is to carry oxygen to our organs, and due to its inherent similarity, chlorophyll can easily be assimilated thereby increasing red blood cells in the body. This in turn improves the blood’s ability to efficiently distribute oxygen and other nutrients as required by the body. Thus, consuming chlorophyll through drinking wheatgrass juice is very effective in alkalizing the blood and energizing the whole body.